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Pope Setting Up Commission on the Sexual Abuse of Children by Priests

Pope Francis will establish a commission to advise him on protecting children from pedophile priests and on how to counsel victims, the Vatican said Thursday.

We're hopeful that this response to the massive public pressure for Pope Francis to act to stop recycling pedophile priests will be fast.

Whilst welcome though, we have had commissions, and we already know what needs to be done.

Now is the time to send a message of support to Pope Francis and ask him to act speedily. Because we know that the priests are still being recycled. Because pedophile priests are still being discovered, recycled into new roles with children.

Let's make a statement now by all of us getting another two people to sign the petition.

Make a statement that says, act now to save children from recycled pedophile priests.

Read more about this story in the New York Times

Sign our petition to eliminate the statutes of limitations that protect the rapists of children, like pedophile priests, from prosecution.

We are looking for a social media friendly volunteer to help us with this campaign. If you are interested in working with the Stop Abuse Campaign to stop the recycling of pedophile priests please click here to send us an email.


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