This campaign matters because if you put dogs in the free section on Craigslist you're giving them away like they're nothing. They are dogs, living creatures. They don't deserve to be treated like that. Also means just anyone can take them. Poor or rich. Poor people can't afford food for there dogs so they are gonna starve to death! We need to make sure they go to a good home where they don't have to stay outside and starve to death and their owners not care. They need love just like we do! They also don't need to be beaten. They can feel pain just as much as we can. How would you like being whipped with a belt because you made an accident or tore something up. You wouldn't. Neither do dogs. You need to train them not to do that stuff. Beating them is not the way either.
Some people take free dogs and use them in other ways such as dog fighting or targeting for hunting. Which is just wrong on soo many levels.

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