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<p>Your <b>ONE Free Click</b> right now protects and cares for the wolfdogs! <br></p><p><a href=";id_c=5">;id_c=5</a><br><p><br></p>;

<p>PLEASE follow the link and click the RED button that says
"Donate 1click"</p>

<p>Winning tthe money from this contest will help Full Moon Farm care for and continue to rescue wolfdogs in need!</p>

<p>Remember our organization is 100% volunteer staffed but we can't provide the necessary items for the wolfdogs without funds! <br></p>

<p>We have thousands of fans, surely we can get 100 more of you to
click the button! We need you to make this happen, please help us to help the wolfdogs!<br></p>

<p>If you have already clicked -thank you!- and please ask one of
your animal loving friends to click too! <br></p><p>Share &amp; forward!</p>

Thank you to each and every one of you for continuing to support our cause and the wolfdogs at the sanctuary. It means more than you can imagine to each and every one of the wolfdogs in residence!<br></p>

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