Bernardo Vega
Bernardo Vega campaign leader



people don't know it but the ancient Maya, whose ancestors still live to this
day in Guatemala have mined, carved and traded Jade throughout the Americas.</b></p>

<p><b>Jade was
worth more to the Mayas than gold and is still valued as a precious gem stone
even more precious than diamonds among certain cultures. Jade was and is a
National treasure of Guatemala but will cease to be so if illegal jade mining
continues in Guatemala. Illegal Jade mining has already taken its place on
Guatemala's environmental and social economic health the same way it has taken
its toll in Burma and Jotan, China. </b></p>

<p>For the last
eight years foreigners have been illegally mining and exporting Jade to Asia.
Namely Taiwan. These law breakers have left the local people of Guatemala
threatened with violence and essentially robbed of their land and water. This
has already happened in China and Burma. Don't let history repeat itself just
because it is on the other side of the globe.</p>

<p>We are all
one world now and we as human beings have the responsibility of looking at our
past and creating our futures. If we as Guatemalan´s and world citizens do not
act now to stop illegal Jade mining we will become victims of not learning from
our and others mistakes. </p>

Guatemala´s Jade NOW!</p>



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