Albert Carrasco
Albert Carrasco campaign leader

We cannot let this company continue to operate the way they have been for years. Independent truck drivers are the ones that make this company. They have very few "house" trucks. Those few trucks cant keep up with all their deliveries, but us independent drivers that are trying to make a descent living are still not contracted for doing 99% of the work and get laid off without notice. We need the city to launch an investigation on their exchange policy. They have an option that you can pay a few hundred dollars if your not satisfied with your merchandise after sleeping on it week after week month after month year after year, they'll send drivers to pick up the merchandise, deliver another set, Take the old set, return it to the warehouse and restock it. Do you think the "new" set is new?. I've personally been to customers apartments in manhattan three to four times delivering used/damaged bedding. (sleepys calls that rebagging) One way to get a brand new bed after so much unneeded headaches is to threaten to call the media. Do your homework guys... Sleepys owns 1-800 mattress as well. Do not think your buying from the competition. Same owners, same problems. Careless for employees and unprofessional to customers, unsanitary for the world.

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