VivaCat Herold
VivaCat Herold campaign leader

Because this is MURDER. Cats are our friend, they are our loyal and loving family members. They are INNOCENTS WHO ARE BEING TORTURED , SKINNED, AND BUTCHERED.............TO BE EATEN BY A HUMAN BEING. . Most of you are animal lovers, be it Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Birds, Reptiles , Horses. You are GOOD PEOPLE. FaceBook does not care and is fully endorsing this by allowing this Cretin to remain. This monster also has a separate Web Page. That is the next step. FOR NOW PLEASE PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO GET THIS SCUM PERMANENTLY BANNED from FaceBook. Yes I and a number of my friends reported him. Facebook's response: We see no proof of any wrong doing. The email is on file if you wish to see it. If you love animals, if you even just like them, then please sign this . Thank you so very much.
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