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DAnne Burley
DAnne Burley campaign leader

<p>I can not do this alone. I am out of pocket and you need to help as well. <br></p><p>I have over 21 million presence on the internet I have over 335,000 emails from people needing help and I do everything without one dime of public support. <br></p><p>Within the last 20 years I broadcasted and investigated stories many prior to the mainstream press. Again because I do more. And I need support from you. <br></p><p>Just $10 can help from those here willing to commit to causes I have connected many of those connected to me within the causes you have and brought attention to these issues. As an old school activist who had met Dr King, Malcolm X, Strokey Carmichael and even Thrugood Marshall I understood the price we pay by doing nothing.&nbsp;</p><p>Please help me help others If everyone reading this can support my cause I can expand programming and create better media for those in need. <br></p><p>I also help hands on as well in this. <br></p><p><br></p>

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