Edmundo Chaparro-Barriguete
Edmundo Chaparro-Barriguete campaign leader

<p>Us the consumers have many to be blamed for when it comes to pollution, yet we have to agree that the companies who sell their goods and services also create the pollution, how? in the containers that they sell their products. For example, the yogurt companies, the milk companies, the tires companies, the plastic bags companies, the sodas companies, the agricultural feed companies, the car companies, the airplane companies, the railroad companies, the news paper companies, the electronic companies, the shoe companies, the&nbsp;pharmaceutical&nbsp;companies (chemical pollution), the energy companies (radiation pollution, and coal pollution), the hospital industries (bio-hazardous&nbsp;pollution), the big and small chains of groceries stores (plastic bags, ) and so on and so forth.&nbsp;</p><p>We have such an apathy that it is killing all our chances for survival. There are so many issues all over the world, but because taking care of the earth's health and our health is left to only activists lunatics, who get shut down by big corporations and or killed, the rest of us do nothing about it. We are more interested in stupid issues, like sports, or buying new material things, etc., &nbsp;that we never take seriously our health. Why are we still trying to find the right medicines for healing diseases like cancer instead of finding the reasons and finding a way to&nbsp;eliminate&nbsp;the problem from ever getting started.</p><p>We need to force the government (CORPORATE AMERICA), to pass bills and laws to control these sources of pollutants. Examples:</p><p>1)Tax manufacturers of plastics, metals, electronic, etc. and fine them if they do nothing about finding ways to reduce the problem. It has to come from their net profits. On the other hand, if they adopt a system of financial gains for the consumers as a way of paying those who bring the used containers back to them for recycling within their facilities will help in two ways. The first is that these companies will not have to be extra taxed, nor fined, and secondly, the consumer will have a financial gain for their efforts in recycling.</p><p>The way that we have behaved throughout history since the industrial revolution has been extremely IRRESPONSIBLE. Let the businesses grow indiscriminately without having any responsibility to the environment and to the peoples' health who consume their products. The consumers are the ones who put those companies at the top. They could also bring them down to their knees.</p>

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