Dean Kalani Capelouto
Dean Kalani Capelouto campaign leader

<p>A few weeks ago,&nbsp;six of the nine members of the Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board voted to force you sit in commuter traffic for another forty-five minutes each way every day of your lives, starting in a very few years.&nbsp; Their decision in favor of developers, threw the people of my community under the bus, in keeping of the flawed “Keep the Country Country” policy by&nbsp;voting to approve the Ewa Development plan without an approved Oahu General Plan. </p><p>Why did they do that?&nbsp; </p><p>So that a Texas-based developer can profit by putting 11,750 houses on one-third of the Oahu farmland that grows fruits and vegetables for the local market.&nbsp; It doesn't matter that more time in traffic will mean that you miss seeing your kids grow up, that you never have dinner together, that you are stressed out at home and at work, that you don't have leisure time.&nbsp; It doesn't matter that the farmland we will lose may well spell the difference for future survival on this island.&nbsp;</p><p>Developers, unions, and big business have infiltrated every level of government, including the Neighborhood Boards. While members of our community testified against approving the Ewa Development Plan, our voices were ignored, interrupted, or cut-off during testifying which is not representative of the democracy that we&nbsp;live in.</p><p>All 15&nbsp;amendments suggested to&nbsp;the Ewa Development Plan,&nbsp;that "our community" had met and approved to make the plan better - were completely ignored&nbsp;by the city planner&nbsp;and the Kapolei Neighborhood board. </p><p>We anticipate that the voters in our district will have a new board come July 2013. Our problem is that the city, city council, and mayor are already in the process of fast tracking the Ewa Development Plan, to dig in their position, before a new board can be elected.&nbsp;We are asking for your support this petition to stop or delay the Ewa Development Plan,&nbsp;until the newly elected board can have a chance (or opportunity) to reverse this decision in about 90 days.&nbsp;</p><p>A group has been formed&nbsp;called,&nbsp;"The Sensible Slate." Our positions on some critical issues (related to the Ewa Development Plan) are: </p><p>Traffic - We are all greatly concerned about traffic, particularly during rush hour. The City's own study shows that, even with rail, traffic congestion in the future will be far worse than it is now. We need a common sense solution that won't bankrupt the city and state of Hawaii.. </p><p>Ho'opili - We oppose the construction of Ho'opili. We have enough houses already fully approved to keep construction workers employed for 20 years - without either Ho'opili or Koa Ridge. Ho'opili will put houses on 1/3 of O'ahu farmland providing food for our local market. Does that make sense?. </p><p>Desalinated water proposed for 2018 - We strongly oppose desalination for our community. It is expensive, destroys the environment, and our community would be the first forced into drinking it.. </p><p>Water Conservation - We support conservation and limiting growth to stay within our island's carrying capacity for fresh water. For more information and detailed information on each of our candidates, please visit&nbsp; <a href=""></a>&lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;</p><p>The Sensible Slate is endorsed by Save O'ahu Farmlands Alliance and Friends of Makakilo.</p>

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