Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin campaign leader

<p>This Bill is called&nbsp;<b>Regulate Ownership of Aggressive Dog Breeds. </b><i>Need I say more?</i></p><p>PLEDGE TO TAKE ACTION!</p><p>NC House Bill 956 mandates that certain breeds of dogs are aggressive. These breeds include the Pit Bull, including Staffordshire Bull Terrier, &nbsp;American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier, and Rottweiler, Chow, Mastiff (any) and Presa Canario. This bill states these breeds are "aggressive". It further goes on to legislate that anyone taking ownership of one of these breeds be subject to a criminal background check, have to take a 4 hour course put on by the HSUS, notify your insurance carrier that you have an "aggressive" dog. and apply and be approved for a special insurance permit to be able to own any of these breeds. And of course, have to pay up to $25 for this special permit. Government Fundraising at it's finest!</p><p>We need to kill this bill before it gets any further. It will only further endanger these breeds in NC and make it more difficult for citizens to adopt and rescues to save these breeds in the state.</p><p>4/17 - checked the calendar and this is not on the docket for tonight, but this bill was filed on 4/16/13 by House Representative Rodney Moore from western NC. He has NO experience shown to even make a determination of breed TYPE much less aggression.</p><p>WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP!</p><p>Please email Rodney Moore at&nbsp;<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>&nbsp;and urge him to withdraw this BSL legislation he proposed.</p><p>In addition: NC Residents, please find your representative at this link and ask them to vote NO to NC H956. &nbsp;<a href=""></a></p><p><br></p>;

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