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<p></p><p><img src="//"></p>"The Mafia"&nbsp;are Carla, Justin, Max, Liam, Lora, Steph, Josie, Sarina and Chris. They make up one of the teams taking on an epic virtual adventure, to travel from London to Ho Chi Minh under their own steam, 9,000 miles across google maps to save the lives of children who live in poverty and need heart surgery.&nbsp;<p></p><p><b>The Mafia have promised: </b>Justin (500 miles), Carla (1000 Miles), Max (1000 Miles), Liam (1000 Miles), Lora (1000 Miles), Steph (500 Miles), Josie (TBC), Chris (500 Miles)</p><p>

It costs only $1000 (£600) to pay for an operation for a child who will otherwise not be treated. Profiles of the children saved will be posted on&nbsp;<a href=""></a>&nbsp;</p><p><a href="">The Mafia are exercising hard for the children</a> and would love your help by donating through this page and sharing it with others. Just click "Donate" on the right or the share buttons above.&nbsp;</p><p><b>Thank you for helping The Mafia save lives, you are part of something amazing!</b>&nbsp;</p><p><i>The small print:&nbsp;</i>&nbsp;</p><p></p><ol><li><i>All money you donate will be matched about three times in Vietnam so </i><b><i>every $1 you donate is worth $3!&nbsp;</i></b>&nbsp;<br></li><li><i>All money will help save the lives of children whose families live on about $1 a day, paying for their </i><b><i>urgent heart surgery.&nbsp;</i></b>&nbsp;<br></li><li><b><i>No administration charges</i></b><i> are taken by VinaCapital, 100% of the money they receive pays for surgery.&nbsp;</i><br></li></ol><p></p>

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