Youssef Ramses Atteya
Youssef Ramses Atteya campaign leader

<p><p><b>Condemn the violent attacks in Egypt against Coptic Christians</b> and the seat of the Coptic Pope, Tawadros II, at St. Mark's Cathedral in Cairo.</p><p>On Friday the 5th of April 2013, again for the hundredth time six more Coptic Christians, in a clear act of discrimination and collective punishment, were killed for the death of one Muslim in a street fight in an area called Khosous on the outskirts of Cairo. Reports indicate that Salafist sheiks had called for Jihad which&nbsp;flared&nbsp;the Friday altercations. Various reasons have been cited as the cause of the&nbsp;street&nbsp;fight, but most point to a feud after male members of a Muslim family had sexually harassed a Christian girl because she was walking unveiled in the street.</p><p>Since the revolution, continuous&nbsp;and repeated attacks targeting Coptic Christians, their churches and properties have been&nbsp;occurring&nbsp;in response to minor and mostly fabricated incidents. Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood persist in their efforts, using any flimsy excuses, to enlist Muslim mobs to inflict collective punishment and&nbsp;discriminatory&nbsp;aggression against Copts living in the neighborhood. As in Friday's incident, over 20 were injured, a Coptic church attacked and an Evangelical church set on fire. Among the six Christians killed by execution style shooting in the face, one was burnt to death alive!!</p><p>A funeral service was held on Sunday at St. Mark's Cathedral, which is&nbsp;the seat of the Coptic Pope, for&nbsp;four of the six&nbsp;killed. Yet again, Muslim extremists&nbsp;fulfilled&nbsp;their threat, to punish the whole Christians&nbsp;community,&nbsp;gathered outside the Cathedral and on&nbsp;rooftops of buildings around it,&nbsp;and attacked the caskets, the mourners, and the Cathedral itself using molotov bombs,&nbsp;firearms&nbsp;and rocks. Photos and video clips,&nbsp;unequivocally show&nbsp;the present police forces either standing&nbsp;idly by and/or themselves&nbsp;showering&nbsp;the Cathedral's yard and the mourners, many of whom were women and children,&nbsp;with freshly imported U.S. teargas canisters. Two&nbsp;additional&nbsp;Copts were killed and and many more were wounded.</p><p>Except for a few minutes when the minister of interior&nbsp;affairs&nbsp;was visiting the area, the Cathedral&nbsp;was under&nbsp;continuous&nbsp;siege and repeated attacks&nbsp;all night with&nbsp;hundreds of mourners, of all ages and genders, trapped inside. It was a deliberate and humiliating act demonstrating the growing Salafist espoused culture of hate and aggressiveness towards all non-Muslims. This attack can only rightly be understood as part of the larger effort to create an Islamist theocracy in a new Egypt free of Christians and with no room for pluralism, whether religious or political.</p><p>President Morsi's belated and weak response to the unprecedented attack was followed by a statement (in English!) from his office, falsifying the facts and blaming the victims for being violent in their protest against collective punishment and&nbsp;unequal&nbsp;citizenship rights! This further illustrates his administration's support of institutionalised discrimination&nbsp;against&nbsp;Christians in a growing culture of intolerance and racist hate.</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.45em;"><b>Please support and start your own cause asking for equal citizenship rights for all Egyptians.</b>&nbsp;</span>Without&nbsp;pressure&nbsp;and supervision from&nbsp;the international community&nbsp;there will be neither<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">&nbsp;thorough or objective investigation nor justice; Egypt will be&nbsp;</span>ethnically<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">&nbsp;</span>cleansed<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">&nbsp;from Copts</span></p><p><b>Please join us, and invite others who believe that all individuals deserve human rights and dignity. &nbsp;Let us all protest the persecution of the Copts and all religious minorities in Egypt and th

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