Tindy McPhate
Tindy McPhate campaign leader

<p>Hello Friends:</p><p>

<p>Some of you may know that I am writing a series of books to
spread awareness about family abduction. In my current book I provide an inside
view of parental abduction from a child’s perspective. There are many
misconceptions about parental abduction; the most common one is that as long as
a child is with her parent that she is presumed safe. </p>
<p>In the book I chronicle serious abuse and neglect as part of
parental abduction because I believe it is important for the public at large to
understand what can happen in a parental abduction case.</p>
<p>My series will have approximately 3 books on the subject of parental
abduction that vary in time and location, and can shed light to the subject
from both a child and parental view.</p>
<p>There are over 200,000 parental abductions each year.
Despite those numbers, our justice system is failing children and preying on grieving
and frightened parents financially.</p>
<p>Please help me take a stand by pledging to spread awareness
of parental abduction and it's effects on children and their families today.</p>


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