Richard Allen Jernigan
Richard Allen Jernigan campaign leader

<p>AS reported in the Huffington Post and picked up by The New Civil Rights Movement, John Eastman, Chairman of NOM, the group that has been fighting to prevent marriage equality and other human rights being extended to LGBTQ people here in the US, today attacked Chief Justice John Roberts and his wife, their children, and all other adoptive parents and adopted children, calling adoption a second best option and adopted children second best. As an adult adoptee, I find this attack on adoptees and on adoptive parents to be very shameful, and not very Christ-like. Especially since in what the Christians call the New Testament, it is made very clear that they too are adopted. Therefore, if John Eastman is calling adoption second best, he is by extension saying that Christianity is second best. In short, he is attacking a lot more people than he thinks he is attacking. He is also saying that he would rather see children grow up in orphanages and other situations where they may be abused and neglected rather than see them be adopted by parents who would love them and show them just how special they are.<br></p>

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