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<p>Many HMO require that any new insured person signing up for care must sign away their right to prosecute that HMO in open Court.Instead you are forced to take Kaiser et al to Mandatory Binding Arbitration.The "Boards" supervising these kangaroo courts do not allow any video recording of any proceedings,will not allow any transcription to be taken at any time during any proceeding or hearing,and any Arbiter assigned by them does not have to keep any records whatsoever after the proceedings are over.They also require that any "petitioner" be represented by both an Arbiter and an attorney.This sort of wicked,British based Barrister-Solicitor style of "Law" was rejected by our government long ago.Few succeed in having their legal grievances addressed lawfully.Even fewer actually collect damages for the medical malpractice inflicted upon them by their HMO and their incompetent,ill-trained,and obstinate "Doctors".Stop this injustice now.Watch JFKs' speech about secret societies on YouTube.<br></p>

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