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One Action to Save School Music Programs

Advance Music Education
Advance Music Education campaign leader

<p>March is Music in Our Schools Month. &nbsp;A time to celebrate the incredible opportunities and life-changing experiences that school music programs provide to children. &nbsp;Not everyone is celebrating because so many children across the country are losing out on opportunities to study music because of short-sighted budget cuts! &nbsp;</p><p>You can help bring those programs back for underserved kids by doing one or two things today.</p><p>1. &nbsp;Buy Glee's 500th song, "Shout". &nbsp;<a href=""></a>;. &nbsp;20th Century Fox is donating 100% of the net proceeds to Give a Note Foundation. &nbsp;A great song and a great cause. &nbsp;You can make a difference for millions of kids with a $1.29 purchase.</p><p>2. &nbsp;Make a $25 donation to Give a Note and receive this awesome limited edition t-shirt provided by our friends at Rivars! &nbsp;<p><img src="//"></p></p><p>That's it. You get great music and and awesome t-shirt and you get to put music back in the lives of children.</p><p><br></p>

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