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<p><br><a href="">Petition to Save the South African Lion</a></p><p>While searching through 'hunting leopard and lions in South Africa' it was stunning to see the pictures of the men standing next to one of these magnificent animals with rifle in hand looking so proud of their kill.</p><p>It is a shame to think... that the male lions (obviously most are in their prime)<br>have been shot by some "brave" macho person with a high caliber rifle and they are so proud of their feat. </p><p>Considering that this is most likely a dominant male, the consequences of this act of bravado will most likely be the demise of cub populations in that territory. Wild lion populations in South Africa now number less than 2000 and soon we will only be able to see these magnificent beasts in zoos. Let's get together, and like Zambia and Botswana, get them to put a ban on issuing hunting permits for the big cats in South Africa.</p><p><img src="//"></p><p>Photo by Gerald Hinde</p><p><img src="//"></p><p>Photo by Gerald Hinde</p><p><img src="//"></p><p>Photo by Gerald Hinde</p><p><br><br>&nbsp;</p>

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