Andy Davis
Andy Davis campaign leader

<p>This petition is a collection of signatures of individuals who collectively ask <b>Sig Sauer </b>Inc., a manufacturer of quality firearms, to stand up and join the fight for citizens' Second Amendment rights. We ask SigSauer Inc. to join other firearms and firearms accessory manufacturers who have publicly announced they will not sell to law enforcement and government agencies in <b>New York</b>, <b>California</b>, and <b>Colorado</b>, after they recently stripped its residents of the ability to own modern self-defense firearms<br><br>We ask Sig Sauer Inc. to stop selling its quality firearms to Law Enforcement and Government agencies in any state who have passed legislation to make it illegal for law-abiding citizens to own those same weapon models in their semi-automatic configurations.</p><p>We ask this not to punish Law Enforcement agencies, nor to make their jobs more dangerous or more difficult. We ask Sig Sauer Inc. to join our cause in order to gain support and give Law Enforcement agencies "a dog in the fight" so to speak. <b>Law enforcement and government agencies have a loud, clear voice </b>and a good measure of political heft, and if they find themselves in the same situation we as law-abiding citizens find ourselves in, <b>their voice will be heard along with ours</b> in Washington DC and state governments that choose to deny its citizens their right to own modern self-defense weapons.</p><p>Sig Sauer, your slogan is "<b>When it counts</b>"</p><p>At this time of particular political controversy, we need your support. Now is when it counts. We have relied upon you for our safety for years. Now we ask to rely on you to help in our fight for continued liberty.<br></p>

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