Lena Shi
Lena Shi campaign leader

<p><p>Sign up here for FREE dinner and a show -- a debate between the UDems and CollegeReps on how to best combat the national debt. Then, as we break for food and conversation, the two teams will combine and compromise to make a bipartisan plan. Diane Lim, former Chief Economist of the Concord Coalition and the House Budget Committee will also speak.</p><p>Come out and show your support for your side and then for the necessary compromise our leaders can't seem to accomplish! A great night of passion, info, and FREE FOOD! What's not to love?!</p><p><img src="//causes-prod.caudn.com/photos/iH/XV/Dk/QZ/Ci/IK/CI/TLO.jpg"></p><br></p>

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