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Rachel Adams campaign leader

<p>Three boys were inhumanely and traumatically taken from their mother's loving care&nbsp; on June 4th, 2009 in Manitoba, Canada. The children&nbsp; have been&nbsp; separated, segregated, isolated from their mother&nbsp; Tannis Loescher Lintz, ever since, without a say or choice for almost 4 entire years of their childhood. The oldest child&nbsp; is already a 16 year old youth and his brothers are now 13 and 10 years.&nbsp; <br></p><p>Manitoba Queen's Bench Court and Appeal Court Justices have thus far refused to set the children free from this prolonged&nbsp; cruel punishment of&nbsp; depriving them&nbsp; their own mother. The boys have been denied all shared, family life with their maternal family they love,&nbsp; for no&nbsp; no reason the children can understand. <br></p><p> It is a&nbsp; national disgrace this could happen in&nbsp; a country like&nbsp; Canada&nbsp; in 2013,&nbsp; after Canada has apologized to the First Nations Residential School children for segregating them from their family by force of the law and threat of prison, exactly what the government/crown representatives did to Tannis Loescher Lintz and her three sons on June 2, 2009 and ever since.</p><p> Women and children are to have rights and freedoms in this country,&nbsp; not deprived of&nbsp; their most natural, fundamental and inherent rights to life, liberty, security of persons and freedom of association by the government/crown/state representatives who are&nbsp; to uphold the Charter of Rights not violate them.<br></p><p>The&nbsp; appeal hearing for the children to be given their mother back is set for March 4, 2013 at the Law Courts in&nbsp; Winnipeg, Manitoba. Please sign this petition if you can even&nbsp; imagine what it&nbsp; would feel like to be denied all day to day family&nbsp; life and&nbsp; all normal contact or communication with your own children or any family member you love. Please imagine if someone told you or your children you were not allowed to see one another for 14 months as has been the case with us. <br></p><p>&nbsp; This is a crime against humanity, discriminatory and&nbsp; simply wrong for a man or woman,&nbsp; in a positon of public trust,&nbsp; as justices are,&nbsp; to continue to control the lives of childen to&nbsp; deny them&nbsp; their mother they never wanted to be separated from let alone be kept apart from like they have by court order. When their mother is a fit, devoted, capable, loving, sensitive, responsible parent who always&nbsp; cared well for her sons. <br></p><p>It makes no sense to those who know Tannis as a&nbsp; mother and educated, competent, mature woman, that her sons could be 'institutionally kidnapped' like they were. (* this phrase was coined by the psychologist who recommended against the court wrenching the children from their mother).&nbsp; After another psychologist, who conducted a&nbsp; custody assessment&nbsp; recommended the mother have sole custody and that the children's avowed feelings (to live with their mother) be respected. <br></p><p>In spite of the fact&nbsp; the child welfare agency had recommended to the court on June 2, 2009&nbsp; the children remain in their mother's full care and that the father see&nbsp; the children under supervision.&nbsp; Instead Queen's Bench&nbsp; Madame Justice Everett discriminated against the mother in what has been nothing less than a hate crime against her as a women in an indefinate sentence of mental/emotional&nbsp; torture of cutting her off from every facet of her&nbsp; children's lives and threatening her with prison if she did not obey this cruel&nbsp; inhumanity. <br></p><p> This severe punishment is completely&nbsp; unreasonable and unjustified as the mother has&nbsp; never harmed, abused or endangered her children. How can Canada say it's a free country where the rights of women and children are protected when the government/crown representatives can write laws&nbsp; that&nbsp; segregate children from their mother and make it against th

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