<p>in today's economy everyone is hurting financially.&nbsp; for some, like independent artist, the economy has put them in complete desperation.&nbsp; in the midst of this the government has made a law stating that artist can not street vend, even though many businesses encourage street venders.&nbsp; anything that increases foot traffic increases the chance of sales for everyone.&nbsp; <br></p><p>the law says that people may beg for money or fly a sign, but are not allowed to sell, trade, or in any way display items of art or craft.</p><p>some have told us to get a real job, but what if you are physically unable to work.&nbsp; what if you situation is so bad that you are not stable enough to go through the process.&nbsp; you can't take the the days off to find an assistance program because you need to make the rent for tomorrow.&nbsp; <br></p><p>please tell our government that we appreciate independent&nbsp; artist who are trying to support themselves with their art.&nbsp; we don't want to be beggars.&nbsp; we are artist.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

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