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David Hall campaign leader

<p>Each and every day, over 18 veterans take their own lives due to concussive brain injuries sustained from battlefield explosions. &nbsp;The Dept. of Defense, the Veterans Administration, along with the NFL recognize an epidemic issue. &nbsp;Their response, so far, is to fund researchers for a future treatment, while a current treatment already exists. The current treatment gets NO funding.&nbsp;This must change.</p><p>HBO Therapy (Hyperbaric Oxygen) Therapy heals wounds of many types including PTSD and TBI. &nbsp;NFL players have massive problems due to repeated concussions acquired on the field. &nbsp;Athletes at the high school and college level are receiving life-altering concussions due to repeated "hits to the head".</p><p>Whether veteran or player, general public or otherwise, HBO Therapy has not yet been recognized as a worthwhile treatment. &nbsp;Outside the US, HBO is used for more than 65 conditions. &nbsp;Russia, China, Germany and Japan to name a few, use HBO Therapy for the brain and body in a wide variety of conditions.</p><p>We need this nation, Congress, researchers and the insurance companies to stop the stonewalling, the profiteering, and the status quo protectionism and get on with the healing of our citizens in dire need of this vital and available treatment. 18 suicides a day, reported, is totally unacceptable AND AVOIDABLE.</p><p>The TBI Treatment Act sits in the House of Representatives. Pushed through, it would allow treatment reimbursement and open a floodgate of healing treatments that would dramatically save lives and suffering of our combat wounded, our athletes and children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, MS and many other life altering conditions.</p><p>Sign, share, and learn more about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, (google it for the latest news and information). &nbsp;Thank you for taking action, and spreading the word that there is a treatment for brain injuries, called Hyperbaric Oxygen.<p><img src="//causes-prod.caudn.com/photos/cz/5h/Ol/n0/qq/qI/2n/rWO.jpg"></p></p>

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