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<p>Amish Puppy Mills<br><br>It may come as a shock to many Americans that the Amish community, known to have a good moral christian lifestyle, own 20% of puppy mills. If you are unfamiliar with the atrocities of puppy mills, here is a brief description. Last year, over 5 million dogs were killed in puppy mills, that’s over 11,000 dead dogs everyday. Dogs in puppy mills are kept in horrible conditions. The dogs used for breeding are kept in cages for their entire lives. The cages are stacked up to 10 cages high, leaving the dogs in the bottom cages with a 90 percent chance of getting an eye or ear infection. Their cages are made of wire, which their feet can sometimes slide through, making their feet sore and swollen. If dogs are rescued, they are unable to walk due to being confined in such a small space so many years. When the dogs are no longer able to reproduce or simply aren't sold as puppies, they are mass murdered by being drowned, shot, or even put into woodchippers. Dogs in these puppy mills are routinely "debarked" by shoving a steel pipe down their throats. The Amish consider the dogs in their puppy mills livestock, which allows them to commit these atrocities without any law imposing against them. Nevertheless, outsiders are rarely allowed into these puppy mills.&nbsp;<br>It was once reported that in an amish-owned puppy mill in Berks County, PA a man named Elmer Zimmerman shot and killed 80 dogs after being told they needed to be checked by a veterinarian. As if that information isn't disturbing enough, a local animal rescue stated that out of the 80 dogs killed, at least 70 of them could have been place in homes. Although in Pennsylvania it is legal to shot ones property, its inhumane for these kinds of tragedies to take place.&nbsp;<br>You may be asking yourself how can the Amish behave so completely heartless while they are known for being such a peaceful non-harming community? It is possible that since the Amish discipline their children so harshly, they are often abused. This overly strict and abusive discipline results in continued abuse that is projected onto animals. Questioning any sort of authority is not accepted in Amish society, which allows the puppy mill owners to have complete community support.&nbsp;<br>The Amish have created a deception to Americans that they are a peaceful, loving community, living in one with nature and its surroundings, while in reality they deceive the average american routinely with their secret abuse.<br></p>

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