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In 2005 the Scottish Parliament passed 2006 Family Law into the statutes. But it continues to deny men and children the inalienable right and equal rights. But this is so illegal because this law cannoy comply with convention rights and community law. It must and the parliament REFUSE to PROVE that it is. Because they lied. Legally this is worse thanb the expenses scandal and should lead to a criminal investigation. This convention was the rule that ensure the removal of unequal pay for women, gay rights and the end to "illegitmate" children( in name only until this is addressed). It may not be the big cause of the moment but it is certainly an unlawful scandal.

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This act could not have passed this test, clearly. As gender is a protected status under this statute. Hence equality free from unlawful discrimination. Imagine a mathematician claiming 5 + 5 = 24 but won't show you the proof he wrote. Would you believe him? Should we believe our politicians or should they be accountable?

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