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Team Offtrax supports FRANK Water

Jess Watt
Jess Watt campaign leader

In the Western world we take CLEAN water for granted. Our taps flow freely with the stuff. We shower in it, we wash our clothes in it, we wash the floors with it, we water our plants with it. Simply put, we take CLEAN water for granted.
In India, among many other countries, CLEAN water is not readily available. We’re told when on vacation to only drink bottled water and avoid ice in our drinks to prevent water borne sicknesses. Simple, right? What about the people that live in these countries? Nevermind washing the floor or showering, how do they afford to only drink bottled water? They can’t.
FRANK Water funds community based projects that use the latest water filtering technology to remove the bacterias and viruses that cause sickness and death.
Help people gain access to what we take for granted: CLEAN water
Donate. A little goes a long way.

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