Dana Costin
Dana Costin campaign leader

He declared. I humbly accepted this declaration as I am grateful that what he considers "the most precious gift" was in my possession just for a while ...I am relieved that it arrived safely and in no delays, considering the Holidays and the harsh winter which transform any delivery into complete chaos.

His name is Fitz, or this is how friends called him. Fitz is a friend and a ROLDA supporter since many, many years. Fitz will also volunteer his next Holiday to help in our shelters.

Fitz works with some of the ROLDA most important sponsors which are his clients in Holland.
He was born in Indonesia. Some of his relatives from Haruku don't know what a modern life means, for instance they never had electricity in their house. The poverty is reaching high levels, but people know to go beyond that and live there every moment intensely, they are capable of sharing and giving.

Fitz is an intelligent man, having a successful job in a Western country. Now I learnt he is very sensible,too. He changed his destiny and now experiences our lifestyle...but how he can forget about his roots? He always go for Holidays to visit his family and relatives crossing the Planet to feel "home".

I completely understand his World as a Romanian who also experienced economic problems. On the other hand, Fitz must understand what a dog without home feels …as probably his feelings are the same each time he is away from home….but at least he has a place where he call "home" and where to return.

Most of our dogs wait a lifetime the chance to be hugged loved and appreciated. Some are dying without knowing if a hug means they have to run away or try to bite to escape…or to lie down and enjoy the moment, as it's nothing dangerous!

Read Fitz' own words about the "most precious Christmas gift" he ever got:http://rolda.org/Happy-Ends-Holland/the-most-precious-christmas-gift.html
and let us know what was your's most precious Christmas gift…

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