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My plight is for the Felon. There are so many programs in place for so many things, "Save the Whales", "Adopt a Pet", well how's about Felon Relief. With the current hiring requirements set in place, there is absolutely no relief for the man/woman who has made a mistake or wrong decision in their lives as far back as 10 years ago, that allows a Felon to apply for and even expect to be considered for hire. Senator Leno has stepped up to the plate though and I think that all of us who are in favor of this program ( Felon Relief) to be implemented, should contact him and express our support. My name is Maymie Chandler, I am a felon, and I support this message.......

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I think it's very important for people to sign this petition so that we can start the ball to rolling up hill for the ex-felon instead of down. Bad choices were made but sentences were served and debts were paid. We have been given our right to vote back now all we need is the people we voted for to help us get jobs so that we can support ourselves and our families, and close the revolving doors…

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This is a bill created by me, Maymie Chandler-Pratt. This bill is asking for the modification of hiring requirements for people with felonies and misdemeanors from 7 to 10 years to a more realistic waiting period of  2 to 5 years depending on the offense committed. My bill has been accepted and reviewed by Congressman Mark Takano and was hand delivered by him to Washington, DC for further review…

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