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Jessica Edwards campaign leader

Bill, a friend and co-worker, is one of those people that has a heart that's as big as they come. He really is one of the nicest, most wonderful human beings you could ever meet. Bill has just found out that his sister-in-law has 2 inoperable brain tumors. Apparently she collapsed one day w/ severe head pain. When she was taken to the hospital, they discovered the tumors. Up until that day, they had no idea. She has been in ICU ever since, and is suffering/in pain. There is no hope. She has, in fact, already "died" once, but was resuscitated. Her life expectancy, with medical aid, is 2 months. She will leave behind a husband (Bill's brother) and 2 children; ages 11 & 14. Not that this isn't bad enough, but to make matters even worse, Bill's brother is permanently disabled. Although he receives a small monthly disability check, it's not much. Appearently, Bill's sister-in-law was the primary breadwinner.

Bill is currently scrambling to work as much overtime as possible to pay for his own family (Bill also has a wife & 2 kids) to fly from Seattle or Bellingham, WA to Boston (where his brother & sister-in-law live) so that they can help thru this dark time, but also to give the family the last Christmas they will ever have together.

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