Kevin Cheung
Kevin Cheung campaign leader

Week after week, students fall victim to crimes such as sexual assault, robberies, assault causing injuries and theft, in just the last week in 2012 alone:

Nov 19, 10AM, Student robbed with a knife in academic building
Nov 20, 8 PM, Student robbed by two suspects wielding knife
Nov 23, 4 PM, Female student sexually assaulted in Vari Hall, the school's most iconic building where visitors are greeted
Nov 23, 7 PM, Two students assaulted, unprovoked with lead pipe, hospitalizing one of them

These are the most recent incidents that occurred in the past week alone. What does the York University Security Services do? They send us an email, to tell us of the crime. Where were they when the crime happened? What has our university done to prevent crime and stop criminals from wandering onto our campus? The results speak for themselves. The answer is NOTHING.

It used to be that being on campus alone was dangerous at night, it is now obvious that it is dangerous any time of the day.

We don't want answers, we don't want town hall meetings. WE WANT IMMEDIATE ACTION!

We want:
1. Tangible plans
2. Implementation and execution monitored by a committee
3. Toronto Police Services to patrol our campuses with real powers of arrest, armed with deterrents that work

Enough with the questions and answers. WE WANT ACTION! Please support this cause and make life for your fellow students, daughters and grandchildren's lives, and the community safe for all of its members.

Thank You.

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