Camille Tuzzolino-Tomarazzo
Camille Tuzzolino-Tomarazzo campaign leader

I am a grandparent that has NO rights to see my beautiful granddaughter just because I am a Florida resident. If this state was so concerned about what is in the best interest of a child, they certainly would realize how vital the love of a grandmother (father) is in the nurturing process. My son is the father of my granddaughter and has filed for his paternity & time sharing rights because the mother of my newborn granddaughter has left us no choice despite our efforts to be civil and come to a mutual agreement. She has just shut us out of the baby's life. Family is an integral part in the rearing of our children and the more love & support a child receives the more likely they are to be emotionally healthy, happy & stable. For this reason I would like to appeal to all to help get a law in Florida passed that will favor Grandparents rights.

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