Sharon Goldstein
Sharon Goldstein campaign leader

Children are not being protected in the current family system and they need to protected from harmful theory's that can place them directly into the abusers homes. Harmful myths that place them in harms way and treatment that hurts more than help.Lets end the myths and theory's The Safe Child act is hope that this may never happen to another child and if it does a safety net to rescue the child.

Offering a ray of Hope to families who lost hope but still kept speaking out..
Offering a ray of Hope that one day this serious in-justice end's and their children are rescued from the abuser's homes safely.

The national Safe child act is a step forward toward's justice and protection for the children of intra-familiar abuse across this globe
It is time for the National safe child act by Barry Goldstein
Thank you for being a voice for the many families affected by this.

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