Uma Shastri
Uma Shastri campaign leader

Educating and empowering the children from slum areas of Sundarbans, Kolkata

Our most recent project was launched in July 2011 in the beautiful and remote area of Sundarbans in West Bengal. The ecosystem here is a national treasure, home to the world's largest mangrove forest and a massive delta, stretching across India and Bangladesh. While the area is rich in natural resources--fisheries, honey production, and timber-- there are no major industries and transport system to provide steady employment. Consequently, attracting teachers to this area and maintaining schools presents a challenge. One way to meet that challenge is through online education.

The project currently makes use of video conference to supplement the education of 50 boys and girls. The students are excited about the new technology, and although somewhat shy about using their basic English, are responding enthusiastically with encouragement from volunteer teachers.

The goal now is to acquire the necessary hardware to build this project and continue to improve education and opportunity for the local population. Computers, printers, fax, multi-media projectors are needed to provide training in computer skills, allowing for small-group instruction in ESL. Your donations can make this possible. The human element is already in place—eager students and dedicated volunteers. Help this project to grow and benefit this community in West Bengal. Donate generously to provide the needed equipment and technology.

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