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We are fighting against a bill in Congress that aims to put a complete END to all national service programs.


As of February 14, 2011, there is a budget bill being considered in the House of Representatives, that could eliminate funding for AmeriCorps. This campaign is going to take a lot of resources, time and energy and we can't do it without YOUR support!

AmeriCorps Alums does not receive any federal funding. Each year as a nonprofit we need to raise our own funds; we rely on individual gifts as 30% of our revenue stream. Please help.

Questions? Contact 202-729-8186 or [email protected]

1. Over 600,000 AmeriCorps alumni are leaders in our communities, cities and country.

2. A year of service is transformational for members and for communities.

3. Get active here:

4. We, as a country, can't afford to lose AmeriCorps programs.

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