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Baltimore BORN aims to improve critical reading, writing, and thinking skills for boys in Baltimore and provide their families with resources and opportunities to foster their broadest success.

Baltimore BORN was created by Baltimore Raven Domonique Foxworth in response to the large number of young men who have the talent and potential to succeed, but lack the opportunities, resources, and networks to sustain them as they navigate the inherent difficulties of overburdened families, struggling schools, and the illusory appeal of the street. Admitting boys in their fifth grade year and following them until their expected matriculation to college, BORN works to improve reading comprehension, critical writing and thinking skills while also helping the boys navigate inevitable social obstacles. Our aim is to build their capacities for conflict resolution, public service, and moral reasoning, while encouraging them to become healthy, responsible men. With the right long-term support, the boys of Baltimore BORN will grow into young men whose commitment to rigorous thought, active citizenship, and considerate manhood will serve them well on their respective paths to truly successful and meaningful lives.


2. BORN admits boys in the fifth grade year and follows them until matriculation to college

3. BORN uses a specialized curriculum to build reading comprehension, critical writing and thinking, public speaking, and moral reasoning skills

4. BORN's curriculum encourages critical thinking about manhood and masculinity and takes our students all over the region for field trips

5. BORN's support staff helps families navigate opportunities like competitive secondary school admissions, tutoring, summer camps, and more

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