Call of the Shofar
Call of the Shofar campaign leader

To generate happiness and healthy relationships within our families and communities

Call of the Shofar is a non-profit organization, composed of Jewish men and women, whose mission is to generate individual wellbeing and relational health in our families and communities.
All our programs are firmly grounded in and formulated from principles derived from Jewish sources. Together they form a highly effective and self sustaining approach towards healing the social maladies that are plaguing our communities.
It is a clear concern that both affiliated and non-affiliated Jews are looking elsewhere for real transformation.
We are demonstrating that Judaism is alive and well for those who are truly experiencing individual wellbeing and relational health through its teachings.
Our intention is to continue to create a powerful organization that will have a profound, positive and long standing effect in Jewish communities around the world.

Blessings to all!!

1. Judaism is a real and powerful path for personal transformation.

2. Individual happiness is nessecary for healthy relationships.

3. Healthy relationships bring communal and global peace and happiness.

Campaign closed

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