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The Peapod Music & Arts Academy is a four-component (Music, Theatre Arts, Film and Dance) program for teens (age 13-19) that are interested in developing their talents in any of these four disciplines. Those students who are accepted into the Academy receive a full scholarship ($2,500/quarter) for enrollment in the academy.

Through Music, Film, Dance and Theater Arts, the Peapod Music & Arts Academy cultivates a sense of character, excellence and accomplishment for teens in South Los Angeles by providing state-of-the-art training and education in the expressive arts. In a collaborative partnership between Peace4Kids, The Black Eyed Peas and the Peapod Foundation, students are encouraged to discover and express their personal voice, develop leadership, and build marketable skills that will enable them to pursue their life’s vision.

Participants of the program are provided with hands-on training in the discipline of their choice and are mentored by professionals in the field. All programs are project-based and students have the opportunity to showcase their talents at the end of their programs. Education and character building are hallmarks of the Academy. As a result, much of the program is dedicated to understanding the power and value of each individual’s voice. Participants gain a sense of accomplishment and discipline. By working in smaller activity groups, students receive necessary personal attention and guidance from the instructors and mentors in the following areas:

Through the state-of-the-art Peapod Music Studio, students engage in learning all facets of the music industry and develop their own music projects. The various music facets include Sound Engineering/New Technologies, Fundamentals of Music, Music History, Music Composition, DJ/Mixing, Songwriting and Business.

Through professional grade film equipment and software and under the tutelage of established filmmakers, students are exposed to a variety of aspects of filmmaking and design and shoot their own projects. These film aspects include Scriptwriting, Film Production, Directing, Set Lighting, Camera Techniques, Editing and Business.

Students are exposed to many types of dance, such as Hip-Hop, Breaking, Krump, and Modern dance. They will learn the fundamentals of choreography and have the opportunity to choreograph their own pieces, which are performed in front of a live audience. They also learn about music, wardrobe and lighting in order to elevate the overall production value of their performance pieces.

Theater Arts:
Students learn how to take their performances to the stage and captivate a live audience. With trained theater directors and performers at the helm, youth learn various trades and are given the opportunity to explore many areas of performance, which include Acting, Comedy, Writing, Poetry and Business.

The greatest vision for sustainability of the Peapod Music & Arts Academy is to empower students with the opportunity to use their influence and resources to help them realize their dreams and to become role models for the generations behind them. This can only be achieved by the implementation of strong Character Education in addition to the Arts. With that said, we have defined the four (4) core cultural concepts that are the basis for requiring an overall performance of excellence from the students. These concepts are Commitment, Character, Community and Creativity. These concepts will be the foundation of every aspect of the Peapod Music & Arts Academy.

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