Milda Margis White

My Granddaughter was attached to this pony (Katie) and spent time at equestrian summer camp in June 2013 with Premier Stables. This week, two pit bulls were on the loose from the neighbors residence. Katie was a champion show pony that taught many young equestrians how to ride and compete in regional and national competitions. On December 4th, 2013, two loose pit bulls entered the barn first killing the barn cat. The dogs then jumped in the stall with the pony and brutally killed Katie. The pony had nowhere to go and was mauled by these "so called pets, raised from pups" that were deemed as "harmless". My Granddaughter as well as all of the other students that got to train with this magnificent pony are heartbroken. Just think if the dogs came to the barn as you child or someone else's child had been attacked by these vicious dogs, let alone the pony they were riding. I posted this incident on "facebook" and have gotten some very mean comments about my stance on eliminating the dangerous breed. I love dogs, but this breed is not worth all of the risks involved when they confront man or beast. I truly got my eyes opened when I started researching about the breed. I had no idea how many people have been maimed or killed by these dogs. The statistics don't lie and the list of human deaths from pit bulls is now at 364 including men women and children. I stand firm on my belief that these dogs do not have a place in our society. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but after this incident and a couple of other attacks in our area, I hope some people will get informed as to the risks involved with owning a pit bull.



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