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Dear friends, 

I just received an urgent update from Adelbert in Papua New Guinea. Palm oil giant KLK has just sponsored the forceful removal of the blockade established by Indigenous people of Collingwood Bay to defend their customary lands. A local chief responded by putting up a samir (taboo) which under the PNG constitution carries the weight of law. 

Please sign the petition to HSBC calling on the bank to stop funding KLK now! If enough of us speak up, we can cut off funding for this notorious forest destroyer.Community members are also reporting that KLK is forcing villagers to sign consent forms for palm oil development in the area by telling lies to the people that KLK has won the current judicial review court case that they are involved in.

Please make sure KLK does not get away with these shameful actions—call on HSBC to stop bankrolling KLK now. 

Thanks for all you do, 
Robin Averbeck
Forest Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network

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