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This is Anaïs who died this year after 17 years together . Its history began with us the day our daughter, who had an internship with a company of housing for young people, was arrested by the neighbors of a girl that marked him for several days they heard the noise and plaintive meowing in the empty slot , and the tenant was gone leaving a kitten two months alone, with dry dog ​​food , and without eau.Notre girl called his manager and asked him to please take the two keys to enter in the apartment. What was said was done and found this little hungry kitten who fled to our daughter and she brought him home and asked me to close my eyes, laid the precious little life on the kitchen table and said: " now open your eyes " .... My heart broke at this little thing all decked matted gray and white hairs and remnants of an Olympian calm plunging his eyes on mine . It was adopted among many others. Throughout her life she was a quiet cat and wished never to leave the house .
That's why I think we need a registry to report all those who torment or abandon their pet, to prevent them perpetuate their abuse of unable to defend innocent souls. They can not speak but we do! We have a duty to report all cruelties on animals because God gave us the power of speech. Like me, vote for this legislation. Thank you. Best regards.
Remember that Anais would have died without the will of our daughter to remove it from this place, it took courage to face its director while starting up the internship. This photo is one of his last hours of life, she died of a brain tumor. We surrounded by all our love, that love is lacking in all animal abusers and all indifferent to animal suffering.


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