Lorrie Bensky Smith
Lorrie Bensky Smith campaign leader

Every eight seconds, an animal, a pet, an UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY is abused or neglected. This is outrageous and infuriating. If it's a kid doing it, they're highly likely to turn to people as they grow older. If it's so-called "adults", the legal penalties should be stricter then the current laws on the books.
Nothing defines AGAPE more than the love of a dog. Cat's may seem aloof, but they're as loving as any dog. That purring fuzz-ball on your lap is not their because (s)he's no where else to go. And you're blood pressure is dropping...which is why many clinicians recommend a cat for patients with high BP. Does an elderly relative live alone and is ambulatory? Why spend all that money on an alarm system? GET THEM A SMALL DOG! Not only will they enjoy the exercise of walking him/her, they're the BEST alarm ever if someone's sneaking around outside.
I'm just asking people to STOP LOOKING THE OTHER WAY when they witness the abuse or neglect of ANY animal. Be it a dog, cat, horse or even a farm animal! Is they're water trough frozen over? They cannot simply eat snow w/o getting sick.
Is the neighbor's dog shivering outside? Does his horse have a blanket on? No? Call the police and humane society! Even call a local volunteer rescue group!! Snap a few pictures with your cell phone. Don't just sigh and think "Poor thing", then go about your day. They have have no voice of their own and if we don't speak up for them. If YOU don't, WHO will?
My friend and neighbor's little dog was hit by a car this year. She dragged herself home and died in her lap. The driver left the scene. In CA, that's Felony hit and Run. (At least it was in the 80s) Sadly, most other states, it's a small fine and perhaps a stern look from the judge.
Do you want a specific breed? There’s nothing wrong with that. However, BEFORE you start shelling out hundreds of dollars, Google/Bing the name of the breed with the word RESCUE. I'll bet there's a local group who has a special shelter JUST for that breed!
After 101 Dalmatians came out, uninformed parents rushed out and started buying up these cute cartoon dogs. Guess what? They're not the best dog for families with kids! Thousands and wound up in shelters.
Do you think retired racing Greyhounds are sent to live on Grandma's farm when they're no longer fast? No, they're slaughtered. Shot! Did you know sometimes the dog "CATCHES" the pretend rabbit? The dog's tangled up and mangled to death by the mechanism. Think THAT'S humane?
You Tube is FILLED with videos of kitties and puppies being born. Yes, how sweet. “The Miracle of Birth”....NOW WHAT? More pets needing homes. Be responsible, SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET! Over-crowding in shelters is a national problem, and those are the lucky ones! One of our two (the 3rd, sadly died this summer) found us so emaciated, we couldn't believe he was still alive. He's now THRIVING at 17 pounds of "Sneak-up-and-pounce-Stinker!" He's got a huge personality and knows he was rescued. He's also brought a LOT of joy and laughter into our home. This pathetic, starving creature had, perhaps, a few more days to live.
Will you find room for just one more? Or, decide to adopt a pet and realize the joy they bring. I used to come home from work every evening to find my CAT, Amy, waiting at the door for me. She slept on the pillow behind my cold head when I had cancer! She laid over my knee after major surgery. Amy simply KNEW where I hurt and applied her own special medicine and comfort. She was truly a Gift from God. She died of cancer in 2007, at the age of 13. Her pine box of ashes will be buried with me
Will you help?
If you've read this far, I want to say a heart-felt THANK YOU! If I can get enough signatures, I will walk this straight to my Congressman, as I live in the capitol of Ohio. BUT I NEED THE SIGNITURES. I desperately want to get a Bill signed to toughen laws against animal abusers. Thank you and God bless.

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