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It matters everyone maters, I too have also been through the same rude, treatment as this person and watched numerous others get turned away.......also no different than health care for people.....being turned away because they cant pay for some rediculously over priced treatment to begin with. Nothing like watching a major scam in our local area lexington, KY at our humane society, getting in on the action of running a puppy mill, breeding and selling multiple dogs,left outside in straw where dogs got coccidia and almost died 4 times, had lice, i didnt know dogs could have lice.....they said these dogs were vet checked, by a friend but actual vet, didnt do a stool check which should be part of a vet check.......these people work for animal control and have all kinds of authority, but take advantage of thesystem, breed unhealthy sickanimals and could care less if u have, a sick animal.....that theybred and soldyou.......messed up!

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