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Our government has been corrupted by money. What we need is a massive shift.

Together, we can and will force our government to do their job: to Represent Us!

Passing the American Anti-Corruption Act will mean:

• Congress can no longer accept donations from industries they regulate;
• Lobbyists can no longer use donations to bribe politicians;
• There will be no more secret campaign donations;
• Voters will get a tax refund to donate to candidates who they choose to represent us.

Let's stop money from corrupting America.


How you can help

Congress thought that they could sneak through a series of awful provisions in the Omnibus Bill without the public catching on. But guess what? We noticed and we are angry. Speak up now! Here are just a few of the most outrageous elements of the deal:  Defense lobbyists scored $479 Million for defense contractors to make warplanes the Pentagon did not ask for. Sound expensive? They're paying…

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