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It is well documented that the drawbacks of Daylight Savings Time cancel out the benefits. For instance, energy savings in the evenings are offset by increased energy usage in the mornings. Ultimately, we are left with two periods per year where individuals need to reset their sleep cycles. A one hour change is enough to wreak havoc on a person's sleep cycle. There are health risks connected with disruption of sleep cycle.

I personally feel that Daylights Saving Time should be made permanent in the USA (i.e. more light in the evenings). The reason for this I would bet the average American works from 8AM to 5PM or 9AM to 6PM. In either case, once daylight savings time ends, it is dark at the end of the work day. I would argue that most American's "free time" during the work-week exists after work, as opposed to before work. Therefore, most Americans begin their period of free time after work in darkness. This undoubtedly has a depressive effect on mood in the evenings. Likely results in more sedentary (and unhealthy) activities during this free time.

There are probably those who are "morning people" who prefer the schedule when daylight savings time ends. That's fine. But there's no point in changing the schedule. Let's request that Congress put this simple issue on the next ballot and let the Americans decide whether Daylight Savings Time is permanent or abolished. In the end, let’s rid of a nonsensical change in schedule that offers no benefits and is disruptive to our sleep cycles.

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