Karen Kiczek Riley

My husband sustained a TBI in 2011 while riding a bicycle at high speed. The helmet he was wearing, without a doubt, saved his life. His choice of wearing a helmet is the reason for why he is here with us today.

Our friend, 2 years earlier, was not wearing a helmet when he was in a bicycle accident and he is not here with us today.

Though the paths of those who have sustained a TBI can take dramatically different courses, the most important element of a positive outcome is that the individual was wearing a helmet! #loveyourbrain

We feel connected to Kevin's story because both accidents occurred in Park City, Utah; less than a mile apart from each other. Also, Kevin's injury took place just a few months after our friend passed away. Pictured above is my husband, Kevin Pearce and I at a screening in Newport RI. Having recently moved from Park City and seeing the film there first, I jumped at the opportunity to see it again. The Crash Reel is the most touching and eye opening film I have every seen. This film is for everyone; it speaks volumes to those who have had a TBI or the family and friends who have supported someone who has sustained a TBI.

Please wear a helmet!!!

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