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Whistleblowers as Criminals

Witnessing and reporting animal abuse isn’t a crime. Except when it is, according to the upside-down reasoning of Colorado lawmakers . . . or lawmakers in states that have passed ag-gag laws designed to turn whistleblowers into criminals.

Taylor Radig went undercover at Quanah Cattle Company, where she filmed calves being thrown and kicked around and dragged by their ears, tails, and legs. For her efforts, she was able to get three workers charged with animal cruelty on November 15. But a week later, the whistleblower herself was charged with animal cruelty.

Factory Farms are responsible for a whole host of crimes. Against the environment. Against human health. Against workers’ rights. And, of course, against animal rights. Turning the whistleblowers into the criminals is just plain wrong.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Colorado District Attorney Ken Buck to Drop Animal Cruelty Charge Against Undercover Investigator


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