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USDA: ‘Not Enough Evidence’ to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) spent god-knows-how-many of our tax dollars to study Colony Collapse Disorder, or more simply, why all the honeybees are dying.

Their conclusion? There are a lot of contributing factors—including pesticides—to the mass die-off of bees. But “not enough evidence” to ban the pesticides. The study called for more research before any meaningful action is taken.

Meanwhile, the European Union isn’t taking any chances. Researchers there will do more experiments to find out if pesticides are responsible for the bee die-off. But in the meantime, officials there have instituted a two-year ban on the use of neonicotinoids, the pesticides most frequently implicated in the bee die-off. Unlike here in the U.S. where the pesticides will continue to flow.

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TAKE ACTION: Home Depot and Lowe’s: Stop Selling Bee-Killing Garden Plants!

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The EPA is letting the chemical companies get away with murder. For years, the agency has done nothing to stop Bayer and Monsanto, the leading bee-killers.  Now, the EPA is considering petitions from Dow and Syngenta to expand and increase the use of two insecticides, sulfoxaflor and thiamethoxam. Both belong to the neonicotionid class of pesticides implicated in the mass die-off of bees, known…

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