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Hook, Line and Sinker?

There’s nothing good to be said for fish raised on “farms.” Period. Many fish farms feed genetically engineered soy and canola, not to mention feathers, necks and intestines leftover from poultry processors. That can’t be healthy for the fish. Or the people who eat them.

But now the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is close to making matters worse, by approving the first genetically engineered salmon.

The list of reasons to reject genetically engineered salmon is long. Risk to our health. Risk to the wild salmon population. Risk to the environment. And most recently, complaints that the AquaAdvantage Salmon’s creator, AquaBounty, is mismanaging its experimental facility in Panama, where the company plans to grow and process its frankenfish creation.

At least 30 House members and 14 senators have lodged concerns with the FDA over its intent to approve AquaBounty’s GE salmon. Will the FDA heed them, and the 90 percent of consumers who say they don’t want frankenfish? Or will the agency charged with the safety of our food buy biotech’s story, instead . . . hook, line and sinker?

Tell the FDA: No Frankenfish!

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