Protect Our Defenders
Protect Our Defenders campaign leader

Next week, the United States Senate is expected to vote on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's (D-NY) Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA). A bipartisan majority of legislators, and 6 out of ten Americans support this common sense legislation, which would bring fundamental reform and create an independent and impartial military justice system for victims of sexual assault.

Help us stop the abuse of our service men and women. They deserve better.

Keep the momentum going by calling, emailing, and tweeting your Senators on why you support the MJIA.

Call these undecided Senators and ask them to support the MJIA at: 1-888-907-6886.

Whitehouse (Rhode Island)
Toomey (Pennsylvania)
Rubio (Florida)
Lee (Utah)
McConnell (Kentucky)
Barrasso (Wyoming)
Cochran (Mississippi)
Coburn (Oklahoma)
Warner (Virginia)
Coats (Indiana)
Hatch (Utah)
Moran (Kansas)
Johnson, R. (Wisconsin)

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