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Frank Meyer's is a farmer who was born and raised on his farm. It's the only life he has known. My father was also a farmer, and his name was also Frank, and there was a time when he was in a very stressful position of nearly losing his farm to the Farm Credit Corporation. He became sick and the doctor advised him to get some rest so he could get better. He was told that he would never see a harvest if he did not take a break. My father and mother purchased the land and built all the buildings on their farm. They were honest, hardworking people, who spent their entire lives farming, paying taxes, hiring local people to help with the harvest, and yet, they were in a position where it would all be taken away from them. My father asked the Farm Credit Corporation to defer his payments till the following harvest, but they refused. Instead they came to his farm and auctioned off everything they could, which left nothing with which to continue farming after he recovered. He was under so much stress that he never fully recovered, and died a broken man.

When I heard about Frank and Marjorie Meyers and their struggle, my heart went out to them. I want to help in any way possible to help them live the remainder of their lives in peace, on their land. It upsets me that at a time in life when a peaceful existence should be happening, the Meyers are made to feel insignificant. It's a form of ageism, with lots of bullying thrown in. FROM OUR government. THat's disgusting. They have contributed to our government and paid taxes all their lives and yet, that does not seem to matter. It's not fair to them, or to any other people who, as they age are tossed aside for "the greater good". How can anything be greater than living a calm, peaceful life.

The Meyers have spent the past 7 years fighting keep their land. They seem exhausted and heart-broken. The injustice of that forced me to take their side, and make me want to add my voice to theirs. It's their land. Let them keep it. Canada is such a vast country. Surely there is land elsewhere, where good farmland and farmers won't need to be sacrificed.

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