Brandi Coldiron
Brandi Coldiron campaign leader

This campaign matters to me because I am a survivor of domestic violence. So many others are not as lucky as I am to have gotten away from their abuser. Some women lose their lives in the process. I almost lost my life to domestic violence and now I want to educate others.

I have heard so many people say things like "Why doesn't she just leave?" "Why does she stay with someone who is going to beat her?"

Unless you have walked in these women's shoes It really is hard to comprehend why a woman or even a man would stay with their abusers.

Many women stay out of fear, lack of resources, financial reasons. The list could go on.

We need to take a stand, for ourselves, for our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, and for those who are still being abused and for those that have lost their lives.

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